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Make the most loved place clean!

A few tips that are required to plan a room makeover.

In every house there’s a place which is the most loved and comfortable place, bedroom. Yes, you spend the most comfortable hours of your day in the bedroom. It’s the place where you fall down on the bed like array of cards. The room where you perform the most important act of the day, sleeping. You relax and rejuvenate in that room, then how can you afford to keep that place dirty and outdated with the latest home accessories. Just not the bedroom but your living room, kitchen and every corner of your house needs to be clean and updated with the latest accessories.

Here are some quick tips to perform-

  1. Clean the room and house- is it just Deepawali or Holi that forces you to clean your home? Is it just the festivals that encourages you to clean your place and then you forget to repeat the cleaning process once again! You might not have seen that your carpet needs some shampooing to be done and the curtains are desperate to get themselves dry-cleaned. Home décor is just not bought by spending a few thousands it requires proper care and maintenance in order to have a long lasting impression.
  2. Chalk out a theme for your house- it’s tough but is much needed when you plan to redesign your home’s décor. Your theme for house depends on buying the home accessories. Just in case if you wish to give one corner of your house a theme based on Arabian Nights, then you have to club certain things like lamps, camel paintings, hookahs etc. to get the perfect look. You can buy hookah online in India at ease and at better prices. In case you wish to have a bar counter in your living room, then you need to have beer mugs, ice containers, bottle openers, exclusive crockery, etc.
  3. Do away with things that you don’t need any more- it’s tough to say goodbye to thing that you bought with much love for your house, but it is the rule of the world, to get new you have to bid a goodbye to old home furnishing and accessories. You can however buy new home furnishings online through many online portals. You can very easily donate your bone china crockery, old bed sheets, coffee mugs, dinner sets, cushions and other things that are not required by you. You can easily buy cushions, dinner set online, bed sheets online and other things like coffee mugs online.
  4. Take down all the curtains and wall hangings- take off all the wall decorations from the walls, be it paintings, pictures, curtains and other decorative items so that the wall become your canvas and you can do whatever you wish to do on the wall.
  5. Keep the furniture in one place- assemble the furniture in one place to facilitate some space to walk around the place easily. Do away with not required furniture and check out home furnishings online to replace the existing pieces.

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